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Horses Heal Therapy offers different ways to connect with horses. Select a category below to learn more.

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Individual equine therapy

Trauma, addictions, anxiety and depression. Teens and adults. $100 for 60 min sessions. 


couples and family therapy

Codependence, fidelity, addictions, mental health, parenting, and communication and connection skills. $150 for 90 min sessions. 


groups and classes

All classes and groups take place at Medicine Horse Program in Boulder. See list for more details. 


individual equine sessions

Individual sessions are perfect for those who are looking for an integrated approach to healing and growth. Horses will facilitate self-awareness, and chances to be different, act differently, and see the world in a different way. Body, breath, movement, and challenge are all a part of working with the herd. Mindfulness, somatic therapy, Gestalt, and attachment theory are all used to achieve a greater sense of empowerment for dealing with challenges and relationships. 


Family and Couples' THerapy


Families are complex and challenging. They are the source of some of our greatest pain and most meaningful support. We define and explore the dynamics of what works and what doesn't. We clarify and define roles, learn to communicate through conflict, earn and give respect, and understand the power of connection and compassion. Addictions, divorce, mixed families, abuse, anger, discipline are all addressed. 


Being in true partnership is an art. Sessions are focused on learning how to use the felt sense of connection to enhance and create safety for each partner. Horses teach and show us how to slow down, listen, respond, and put aside reaction to truly be there for each other. Infidelity, divorce, distance, codependency, anger, and abuse, are all addressed. 


groups and classes

Fall 2018 Events: 

December 16, 10:00-11:30am: Here & Now - Meditation with the Herd

Facebook Event:


November 30-March 8 (except 12/28), 9:00-10:30am: LetGo - Body-Centered Meditation with Horses 

Facebook Event:


More events coming up for the new year! Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook for more information.


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Teens, trauma, and addictions

substance use & addictions

Harm reduction, abstinence, coping strategies, and relapse prevention are all part of the model used to help heal from the relational and nervous system trauma that are the root cause of self-destructive and self-defeating behaviours. Teens, adults, parents, and families can all benefit from working with horses on healing these patterns. 


Trauma shows up all over the place. Anger, depression, addictions, abuse, social isolation, chronic illness, body complaints, and an overall lack of vitality, connection and meaning. Healing from trauma is a multi-step process that involves learning to tolerate sensations in the body, regulate through intensity, and find a self that can handle the storm and the stories when it happens all at once. Horses are incredible helpers along the way. 

Teens and educational needs

Horses Heal specializes in working with teens who struggle. With a background in education and teen substance use treatment, Horses Heal has a special place in our hearts for the rebels, truth-tellers and rule-breakers that make things interesting and challenging. 






individual 1 hour

Sessions take place both at the barn and in the office and are a solid 60 mins. 


family 90 min

Sessions take place both at the barn and in the office. 




couples 90 min

Sessions take place both at the barn and in the office. 60 min sessions are also available for $90.00. 


intensives (3+ hours)

Sessions take place both at the barn and in the office, and include access to break areas, kitchen, and information about lodging, if needed. 




30-Minute meet n' greet

Interested but not sure yet? Come and get a sense of what Horses Heal has to offer in person. Meet the horses, feel the space, and talk to Alison about what you need and want from your time with her. Schedule today! 



If extra support is needed between sessions, or distance requires a remote session, this option is available and negotiated on a case by case bases. A 1-hr Skype session is $50.00.



about us

Working with horses is an experience...  Non-verbal, body-centered, and energetic communication... Horses tell us how we're showing up and teach us to be more real and more alive... Based on Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy, Horses Heal will help you, your partner, and your family get the best out of life...  In a session, you will learn to be more present and feel what's really going on as you make a connection. Each experience offers opportunities for awareness, change, and a REAL sense of YOU.  

Alison McCabe is a Gestalt Equine Psychotherapist registered with the state of Colorado. She also has a Master's in Science in Counseling with a concentration in Equine-Assisted Mental Health and specialization in Couples and Family Counseling from Prescott College. She has a Bachelor's of Education and is certified in Holistic Horsemanship by Anna Twinney. She works with teens, adults, families, couples, and groups, and is based out of Medicine Horse Program in Boulder, CO. 





Contact us through the email form below or call (303) 909-0974 and leave a message. We look forward to hearing from you and will return your request for contact within 48 hours. 

All sessions take place at:

Medicine Horse Program

8778 Arapahoe Rd. 

Boulder, CO 80303