about us

Working with horses is an experience...  Non-verbal, body-centered, and energetic communication... Horses tell us how we're showing up and teach us to be more real and more alive... Based on Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy, Horses Heal will help you, your partner, and your family get the best out of life...  In a session, you will learn to be more present and feel what's really going on as you make a connection. Each experience offers opportunities for awareness, change, and a REAL sense of YOU.  

Alison McCabe is a Gestalt Equine Psychotherapist registered with the state of Colorado. She also has a Master's in Science in Counseling with a concentration in Equine-Assisted Mental Health and specialization in Couples and Family Counseling from Prescott College. She has a Bachelor's of Education and is certified in Holistic Horsemanship by Anna Twinney. She works with teens, adults, families, couples, and groups, and is based out of Medicine Horse Program in Boulder, CO.